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Servicing clients that include top production companies, advertising agencies, independent directors, broadcast and cable networks, Kipperman Casting, Inc. has been an industry leader in NYC for over 30 years. Our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities are ready to accommodate your needs across all categories: commercials, promos, industrials, music videos, TV, film and the occasional three-ring circus. On-camera, VO, spokesperson and host, comedy, beauty, real people, singers, dancers, athletes, children, man-on-the-street....we've done it all. 

The Actors Ensemble was created to provide student-artists a practical, hands-on approach to camera acting. 

In today's highly competitive industry, we offer classes, workshops and training that colleges and conservatory's don't by immersing you in a live set environment, on both sides of the lens!

You will be challenged as you learn how to apply the stylish and technical demands needed to be a film actor.

Upon completion of any of our classes you will be more prepared, more confident and more competitive!

We supply the tools.

You provide the commitment.

With a combined 70 years of experience, this partnership offers a specific instruct that places student artists in a live-set and on-location experience.

This is what The Actors Ensemble does best. 

From basic on-camera exercises to final, edited scenes, all work (from any of our year round classes) will be screened by both offices.  This allows students a unique chance to train at Kipperman Casting, Inc., hone their craft and take advantage of networking opportunities within the industry... all at the same time! 

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