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Who Are We

This is not a class.

 Actors come to Script to Screen because they are guaranteed a safe, creative place to learn and apply the elements of movie making and the art of visual storytelling from development through production and a final showcase.


During this immersive, nine-week program, you will experience the entire life cycle of a film from both sides of the camera and take your career to the next level by applying creative methods, technical tools, and natural talent!


Our mission: to immerse participants in the planning, developing, and presenting aspects of digital storytelling.

This intensive program has limited enrollment and is by audition only!

WEEKS 1-5: Where Ideas Come From

The Writer's Room-IMG_1421 (1)

With entry to the writer’s room, you will conceive a story for a short film, experience the rigor, nuance, and necessity of a collaborative team, learn the elements of dramatic structure, understand, and articulate the turning points of story, hone formatting skills, and create a narrative that runs throughout. 

Be in the writer's room, and witness the discipline of conceiving, composing and developing the script, actively submit re-writes and watch how ideas are exchanged at the writer's table.


  • Fundamentals of screen writing

  • Working & creating as a team

  • The rigor, nuance and joy of storytelling

  • Proper script formatting, structure & style

  • Writing in images

  • Treatments | The power of the pitch

WEEKS 6-9Acting for the Camera

Take the character you created in the writer’s room and bring it to life as you apply the technical and stylistic demands of camera acting. Experience the pacing and stamina of a live set, work out-of-sequence, relish precious “reps” and learn to adapt, amend, and apply strong choices.

Additionally, you will experience/perform an

on-location monologue shoot! This added

on-camera performance not only allows you to throttle-up and get more reps, it will assist you in fine-tuning audition material and performance acumen.



  • Screen acting techniques

  • Working on a live film set

  • On set stamina | Working out of sequence

  • Applying & adjusting to ever-changing frames

  • The intimacy of camera performance

  • Working often w/o rehearsals

  • Connecting choices | Trusting impulses

  • Matching

  • Adjusting

  • Listening & reacting

  • How to make pretend...real!


By the end of this nine-week program you will have been a part of a unique, essential, and innovative platform designed to make you more competent, collaborative, and competitive. 

You’ve experienced every step of the filmmaking process, created and composed a short film script, worked on both sides of the camera, accomplished pre and post-production tasks, i.e., location scouting, securing permits, designing, obtaining props/wardrobe, shooting on location, etc., and had rare access to the editing process witnessing how story, picture, and performance come together. 

Finally, family, friends and invited industry notables will be able to share in your achievement at a

New York City premiere!

  • All on-camera work

  • An edited DVD of the final film

  • An IMDB credit

  • A chance to meet with representation, etc.

  • On-camera reps

  • Individual attention with notes & adjustments

  • An opportunity to be a part of a collaborative, unique and challenging adventure that takes you through the entire production process in a safe, creative environment where you can try, fail and grow!

 *Our Fall Session is now full* 






For more information, submissions, etc.:  | 917-428-2894


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