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This is not a class. In this immersive six-week project, you will be exposed to all aspects of filmmaking and work as writers, actors and producers. Upon completion, you will possess a body of work that showcases who you are as an artist and be more prepared for the professional world!

             WRITE, SHOOT AND STAR!


  • Be apart of writing a short film.

  • Get on-camera experience. 

  • Learn the ins and outs of pre and post production.

  • Experience a live film set. 

  • Material for your reel.

  • An IMDB credit (Writing & Acting)

  • Exposure to industry professionals

  • An NYC Short Film Premiere




Where do stories come from?
As a group we will ask this question then conceive and compose a short film script.
You'll pitch ideas, learn proper script format and participate in the writer's room.
IMG_1421 (1).jpg


Working actors need to know the difference
between stage and film acting! Working out of sequence, managing varying styles and rhythms, where the camera is and how to use it. 
In addition to securing a role in the final screenplay, you will perform a monologue [on location] for your reel because we believe reps are vital and experience is necessary! 
Experience the details, commitment, nuance and energy of planning and shooting a short film.
Now it's time to apply everything as we begin to shoot. Everything from learning lines to who does what on set and why as we take our collaboration from the script to the screen!




Witness how it all comes together.
Receive all the raw footage, get notes from professionals and have the ending short film screened in NYC for industry professionals!




  • You must be over 18.

  • You must possess a conservatory or college foundational background in acting.

  • You must possess a sense of humor and an insatiable curiosity to create and collaborate.


             Enrollment is limited.

   Diversity is welcomed.                 


    This is the place to try, fail and grow!

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