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Dear friends,

We are excited to announce our partnership with the US Performing Arts!

Since 2001, USPerforming Arts ( has been providing training in the performing arts (and digital media) for pre-college students.  Now, USPA is teaming up with The Actor's Ensemble to provide a hands-on experience allowing eager, disciplined and talented students--the next generation of actors--to hone their craft. 

Our programs cover stage and camera acting, preparation, discipline, professionalism and how to tap into personal rhythms with the computer as the lens!


  • Small class sizes for individual instruction

  • The future: Viral learning for actors | Adjusting to new technical aspects

  • The computer becomes the camera: Auditioning | Self-taping | Monologue | Scene work

  • Application of the stylistic and technical demands of camera performance

  • Listening and reacting | Devotion to details | Working collaboratively in a viral setting        

  • Communication skills | Acting is Behavior

  • Notes and adjustments | All sessions are recorded and shared with the students

  • Business aspects: Headshots, resume, social media presence

  • During our time together, industry guests share their perspective, expertise and host a detailed Q&A!

We understand the mindset of a performing artist and no matter how much remote learning we've dealt with, we still need and deserve a safe, creative place to nurture our passion, work on our craft and remain audition and performance ready! | 917-428-2894 | 415-924-6442

Please share your headshot, resume and a brief description about yourself, your goals, etc.


Our classes are for beginners, working actors and professionals. 
We all need "reps", feedback and a safe place to try, fail and grow!
Get on camera.
Get training.
Get better
 For information, please contact us at:
*Please understand that our workshops and classes are not job interviews or auditions. The presence of an industry guest is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment, and such contact as you may have with a guest in a workshop rarely results in any further contact with that person. All workshop companies are prohibited by law from offering or attempting to obtain auditions or employment for you.
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